70 Simple Pleasures in Life

my experience self-care Apr 21, 2020

In a world full of options and innovations, it's so easy to forget the little things. It's the simplicity that we take for granted, but the simplicity that makes life so special. Everyday we can choose to find and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. There's so much to be grateful for.

I think these are some of things I'd look back on and realize these are the moments that make being alive really something sweet. Let's see if you agree...

1. Hot bubble bath or relaxing shower

2. Laughter

3. The sound of rain

4. Watching snow fall out a window

5. Sipping tea

6. A fresh bouquet of flowers

7. The smell of summer

8. Hot nights

9. Dining by candlelight

10. The dance of incense smoke

11. A good stretch

12. Freshly washed sheets

13. When the perfect song comes on

14. The first bite of dessert

15. Stargazing on a blanket

16. Flowers blooming in spring

17. Enjoying a home cooked meal with family

18. Watching birds

19. The smell of your favorite candle or essential oil in your home

20. Walking barefoot on grass or sand

21. Finally getting to read a book you can’t put down

22. Yoga or meditation

23. Warm, fresh-baked cookies

24. A magnificent sunrise or sunset

25. Cuddling

26. A breathtaking view

27. Sunsets and sunrises

28. A long conversation with a good friend

29. A clean, uncluttered space

30. Making someone smile

31. Hot towels

32. Dancing without a care in the world

33. Dark chocolate

34. Helping someone in need

35. Watching clouds

36. Driving with your windows down

37. Running through a sprinkler

38. Gazing out the window

39. The feeling after a great workout

40. The sound of doves

41. Singing in the shower

42. Finishing everything on your day’s to-do list

44. A long walk in beautiful weather

45. Floating in water

46. Taking an afternoon nap

47. Acting crazy in public

48. PB&J sandwich

49. Getting a massage

50. Watching the ocean

51. Nature hike

52. Swimming at night

53. Swinging on a swing

54. Having a picnic

55. Staying up all night talking

56. Remembering a sweet memory

57. The smell of a baby

58. The farmers market

59. Relaxing in front of a roaring fire

60. Fresh-picked fruit

61. Making s'mores

62. Seeing a rainbow

63. Licking the batter

64. A full moon

65. Tears of joy

66. A sunny day

67. Stopping to smell the roses

68. Being pleasantly surprised

69. Finding something you made when you were little

70.The kindness of a stranger

71. Running free through a field

Anything I missed? Let me know what you would add in the comments below.

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