9 Midweek Musings

my hair right now personal training simp May 01, 2024
Girl wearing simp necklace


I am so ready for mid-spring and summer, how about you? I want a striped umbrella on the beach with some citrusy water and my oversized sunglasses I mentioned last week. I want picnics and hikes. I want all my doors and windows open. I am ready.


1. Just What I Kneaded Bakery in LA.

This vegan bakery is so good, you won't even remember it's vegan.


2. Getting random birthday cards/balloons for people.

  • Buying a card for a young female that says, "happy birthday beautiful girl!"

Boring, predictable, will end up in the trash. ^


  • Buying a card for same young female that says, "Many blessings, grandson!"

Fresh, unforeseen, startling, will end up in a frame. ^


3. Working out to Machine Gun Kelly.

Let my sadboi angst reignnnnnn.


4. My "Simp" necklace.

 For my best friend's birthday, she got ME (wtf) a pearl necklace with the gold cursive word "SIMP" in the middle of it.

For those of you who aren't hip to Gen Z slang:

Simp (noun): someone who does way too much for the person they like.

AKA Sean and I who have this motto: "simp for each other."

I'll simp until I'm dead.


5. Corporate wellness.

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked with companies like NetflixOutdoor VoicesHiya Inc.Arctic Leaf Inc. and more to help employees foster creativity, collaboration, and stress reduction so they can contribute more to the mission at hand. Due to its transformational effects on such a mass scale, this work is truly one of my greatest passions. It is so incredibly rewarding to know that my coaching empowers teams to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

True #selflessselfcare.

That brings me to this update: I have openings for corporate wellness clients!

Check out more info here and share this post with anyone/any team that needs some extra love! I'm paying a $100 referral to anyone who gets me a company that sticks!


6. Working with a trainer.

Darla Joy is a dear friend of mine who primarily works with women over 40 for life-changing results, but I begged her to work with me to help me get my butt back. It dissolved, you guys, it's gone. But fear none! Darla's helping me with my macros and I am actually WEIGHT LIFTING at the GYM. Even crazier, she's actually made it... FUN!


7. My hair right now.

Amy, you have created a masterpiece with bright, face-framing highlights, a subtle, natural mix of warm and cool tones around the crown and the babiest trim one could ever ask for (thank you for letting me be a pest). You're a magician.


8. Berkey water filter.

This water filter rocks. It filters 200+ typical contaminants found in tap water and other freshwater sources and makes your water taste so much better. As the water we drink is SO important, I feel it's an essential investment to make.


9. Women in their 40s.

Why are they cooler than everyone else? Is this when you get cool?

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