How to Connect With Fire (and why)

meditation Aug 11, 2020

You've probably noticed I'm on this element-hype. I am all about working with earth, air, water and fire to deeper connect humanity to nature and our own powerful qualities. In this continuation of the "Elements Series," (just declared that title), the element of this blog's focus is fire

The qualities of fire are passionate, courageous, energetic and motivated. It is the place of transformation and drive. It's also the place of destruction. Unafraid to bust the walls down to rebuild. Do these sound like qualities you could use more of? Or do you need some water to turn down the heat? Some air to detach from outcome? Tune in. What would feel holistically healing and complete to you right now?

That's the element you can work with for best result. It may change from time to time.

To tune into fire, we can use breathwork, mindfulness and to tune in, we worked the qualities of expansiveness, balance, harmony, detachment, and limitlessness. 

Why would we want to integrate with fire? Because in our reality (on this planet) this is the source of heat, light and bodily functions. Fire heats our food, warms our bodies, creates, clears the old and leaves fertile ash for the new. In Sanskrit, the word for fire is "agni" and it is considered a vital part of physical detoxification and optimal functionality. We ignite agni through breath (pranayama) and movement (ie: yoga). We are fueled by this element. It is our drive. We are of fire. We are fire.


  • Passion

  • Energy

  • Drive

Meditation to Connect With Fire

  • Before beginning meditation, light a candle about 6 inches in front of you and place it so the flame is at eye-level.

  • Use the breath to slow down and anchor in: inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth three times.

  • Begin Breath of Fire/Bhastrika Pranayama to bring energy, heat and activation to the body: inhale gently through nose halfway and sharply exhale through the nose, contracting the navel towards the spine. Inhales are passive, exhales are sharp as the belly pulses in with the breath. Try this for about 30 seconds.

  • Complete Breath of Fire by inhaling and exhaling normally through your nose and notice how energized and tingly your body feels. Breathe and reset here for a few moments.

  • Open your eyes and gaze at the flame in front of you. Watching it dance. Watch its colors. Simply observe, blinking only when you need. Be still. Continue this for at least five minutes.

  • Complete your practice by returning to the natural breath cycle and tuning into what you want to manifest. Be clear: visualize it, affirm it, feel it. Let this manifestation ignite and energize - like fire.

Tip for Today: Embrace the fire within you. Be unafraid of your power. Understand the time and place to destroy and rebuild. Let nothing hold your passion back. Know what's productive by tuning in.

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