How to Spiritually Clear Your Space

self-care Feb 16, 2021

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a deep connection to the alignment of my surroundings. My sensitivity in certain places, rooms and even cities is so strong that I've really had to learn to clear and set proper intentions in order to relax. In fact, during my reiki master training, my reiki master herself had the epiphany that working with homes and spaces is a powerful gift I hold.

Do you feel sensitive to your surroundings?

If so, here are some ways to reset the space that help me feel at ease and lighten the energy every single time.

Smoke Clearing "Smudging" is another word for this, but I like to distinguish that smudging is a purification ritual originally practiced by Native Americans. Oftentimes, smudging includes lighting the entire bundle of an herb - usually white sage - and letting the smoke waft to clear/reset the energy on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes. Though I studied with a native Chumash healer who openly shared his teachings, some tribes and people are very protective over their sacred culture and practices.

A smoke clearing is something anyone can do, but first and foremost: make sure you're doing it with respect and reverence. This means acquiring only ethically harvested resources as many herbs are over-harvested and controversial in some uses (ie: white sage and palo santo). Make sure you're either wild-harvesting, growing your own, purchasing from a trusted source, or gifted from a shaman or healer. Know that you can use copal incense, sweetgrass, purple sage, cedarwood and even lavender to reset the energy too - each one giving a slightly different vibe. Incense works too! Trust which herb is calling you and try it out.

Once you have your herb of choice, simply light the end with lighter or match and wave the flame to burn it out. Once the smoke is wafting, set your intentions. An example is: "please clear this sacred space and infuse it with love and light." Keep the intention at the front of your mind as you clear the parameter of the room/space as well as the center. Intuit which areas need more love. You'll feel it.

Note: if you are using ethical white sage, be sure to only break off one leaf to burn at a time. According to my studies with Native American Chumash healers, the entire bundle is reserved for natives and tribe leaders only.



Essential Oils Like everything on this planet, essential oils have vibrations. The idea is that if the vibration of the room is low or off, then we can actually raise our vibrations and the vibrations of the room through high-vibe essential oils. Measured in megahertz, the higher oil's vibration the better. Some essential oils with extremely high megahertz levels are rose (320 MHz), helichrysum (180 MHz) and frankincense (147 MHz). Make sure these oils are 100% pure with no additives or it can compromise the efficacy. Diffuse whichever oil you choose in the space or add a few drops to a mist bottle full of distilled water and mist about the room.



Crystals Crystals are incredible energy transmitters. That being said, I find them best used with clear intention. Energy goes where attention flows...

Rose quartz is great for love energy, amethyst for intuition, citrine for joy and abundance, obsidian for protection and rooting, and clear quartz for magnification and clarity. These are some of my favorites to have in a space because each one serves a specific value I love to have in the home. Place them in places that are visible and keep them clean and dustless. Personally, I like to infuse them with intention on a monthly basis (the new moon is a good time for this). Hold them in your hands and ask them to empower the space with your desires.



Sound and Visualization The senses are powerful tools to transform energy. Sound, like essential oils, are measured in frequencies that can literally raise the vibe in the space. Some people are big on binaural beats, sound bowls or Tibetan bowls, while some love natural sounds like birds chirping or waves crashing. I am a believer in choosing whatever soundscape feels good to you. Reggae music always lifts the energy of the space for me, while acoustic deepens it. Play with what feels good.

A bonus way to clear and clean a space is by using a little Japanese astrology-pointer and tracking the moon. Each sign the moon lands on is an opportunity to clear a specific area of your home for abundance and prosperity. Check out Japanese astrologer Keiko's work with lunalogy to learn more.

Enjoy the clearer, lighter energy surrounding you!

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