emotions human imperfect raw real Aug 18, 2021

It’s been so hard to blog lately.

I write to express my feelings, but they’ve been changing so much recently. 

I can’t even keep up with my moods.

I guess that's why I think of this space like an open diary. A place where you can come and see my humanness to recognize your own humanness.

Except the human in me likes to have a finished thought – a groundbreaking point – a life-changing transformation. The human in me, who is so far from perfect, wants to be seen as perfect. Funny.

A few weeks ago, I said I wanted to live light. I am sick of heaviness. I am tired of excavating my entire life.

Last week I decided to step into that new threshold and yet I have found myself slipping into old patterns left and right. My sensitivity is on peak mode. I am crying at everything from the state of the world to animations movies for kids. My heart is heavy.

I call it spiritual and emotional growing pains.

I intend to stay with my intention: to live lighter. I intend to move onward. I intend to continue to stretch and expand through positive thought and action.

But I can’t pretend that every day I feel empowered. Somedays I don’t.

And with my face towards the sun… that’s okay.

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