Keys to My Sanity

self-care Dec 11, 2019

As a passionate being, and a sensitive soul, I really do get out of whack. Yes, I'm a wellness practitioner, but I'm a human too, for crying out loud. I take on my own emotions everyday (as we all do), run two businesses, work for a nonprofit, and listen to peoples' touching and sometimes intense stories day in and day out. So how do I stay centered?

Recently, I had a friend say, "I hope you don't get burnt out by all the feelings and work you do–it's so much!" And though I can see why she'd be concerned, I confidently realized: I really have my own back. When I need to fill my cup to fill my cup, I fill it. Actually, I keep filling it before it gets empty or at the very least, at the initial traces of depletion. I take preventative and soothing steps everyday to maintain my sanity - and with that, have been routinely complimented on my stability and positivity.

Here's how I do it..

Keys to My Sanity:

1 | Organic, Natural + Sustainable Living — I believe that everything should be as pure as possible for optimal health of you and the planet — everything from beauty products to food to cleaning supplies. For example, you can use the same bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar for your hair, face, salad and your countertop… and even better? When you do it right, living this way saves money. We reuse more, we stress over health and money less, we are feeding and breathing purity. In turn, we are happier.


2 | Knowing My Happy Place/Ecosystem — When I am feeling out of whack, I listen to my body's plea for nature - if I can't get to my exact happy place, I incorporate it into meditation, drive to a special place, or hike into open space. Nature, nature, nature. Read more about this here.

3 | Reggae — Reggae music is the best, happy vibes all the time. Or music that brings you joy in general.


4 | Yoga — This has been the only form of exercise I can commit to. I practice at home with Yoga with Adriene or Alo Moves (only $20/month!). Sometimes I do a full hour flow, sometimes I do 20 minutes - but I do it daily. Yoga at home with a Youtube video or subscription, yoga in a class, yoga with just the floor and the intuitive movements of your body - just move, stretch and sweat a little.

5 | Meditation — Take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes to meditate every single day. Breathe. Center. Heal. Manifest. Do whatever the f#ck you want, just sit down, close your eyes and breathe.

Here's my Youtube Channel for Meditation (new videos every week!).


6 | Belly Dancing — Did you know that the movements are good for female reproductive organs? Belly dancing is the most beautiful, sensual and expressive dance to me.


7 | Journaling — You know how when you read forums and yelp reviews, they are just spewing with people unloading emotions? I genuinely believe this is healthy. Not to post publicly like these people do, but to do it in your own personal journal. It's natural to feel the need to vent. Sometimes we have so much pent up stuff by the end of the day that it just feels good to regurgitate all that we want to release. So do it! Release! Privately and humanely, please. You can also journal about positive things like ideas and what you're grateful for, of course (please do!)! I shamelessly do both.

8 | Balanced Vegetarian Diet — I've written another blog post on this entirely, but this has really helped me balance both my weight and my mind. Though this may not be for everyone, I was a die-hard meat-eater at one point and didn't believe it till I tried it. Give it a month - replace your meats with legumes, veggies and whole grains and see what happens. To answer: YES, I get enough protein. So can you.


9 | Breathwork — Dude. This is by far the most intense, profound practice out there. I mean, if you want to have all the bullsh*t shaken out of you and have real big, earth-shattering realizations, this is for you. It's big, it's not so pleasant, but it's awesome. I work with Stephanie Carson aka the most incredible breathwork practitioner of all time. She is insanely intuitive, straight to the point, raw, real, funny and nurturing. See her site and session options here.


10 | Essential Oils — Vibrations are real and measurable. The body vibrates at 72 megahertz and essential oils also have a vibration. They vary depending on the oil, but using them can literally raise your vibe. They can also help headaches, boost mood, ground the emotions, and help your body feel more aligned. Whatever you're dealing with - there's an essential oil for that. Use them on your skin or in a diffuser and make sure they're pure and organic.

12 | Laughter — Laugh. Laugh at everything. The silver-lining I look for is always the humor. See a comedy, get together with friends or do something silly and ridiculous. Just freakin' laugh.

13 | Friends — Find your tribe and love them hard. It took a long time to get all my favorite people to meet and be united, but now I have the most dynamic, supportive, hysterical crew. We're all different and we all come together to work together, eat together, play together and do an annual RV trip together because community means so much more to me than I ever thought it could.


14 | Baths — Baths are my jam. Light a candle, add some salts, some coconut milk, some sesame oil, some essential oils or whatever tickles your flippin' feet. Just soak your body, unwind and relax.


15 | Walks — I am obsessed with walking and do it whenever I can. As a rule of thumb - if it's under a mile, try to walk. It feels so good and it gets ya outside + so lean and healthy!


16 | Sleep — I get a non-negotiable 7.5-10 hours of sleep. Yep. I will get in bed at 7 if that's what it takes. My body needs A LOT of sleep - I'm known to sleep the entire day if I don't set an alarm, so listening to my body here has meant a lot for my mental health. Your time frame might vary!


17 | Astrology/Moon Tracking — Astrology was a second language in my family. I always knew everyone's sun signs around me and exactly where the moon was in regard to Jupiter, Venus, Mars, etc. Knowing your natal chart is a game changer. Use this site to generate yours and know yourself to better yourself! Lastly, following the moon and the cycles has allowed me to keep a natural tracker on where I'm at and when it's time to manifest (new moon) and release (full moon). It all keeps me on-track.


18 | Creating My Space + Keeping it Pure — Think Marie Kondo - "if it doesn't spark joy, toss that b*tch out." That's not exactly what she said, but you get the picture. Let go of what doesn't serve and make your space one that grounds you and inspires you. I love to nest. With tropical plants, crystals, white and gold color-schemes and a whole lot of love, I've created home. Also make a pact to keep it tidy ;)


19 | Travel — Whenever I can, I adventure. The road is my happy place and places and cultures inspire me more than anything in the world.

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