My Holistic Morning Meditation

holistic meditation morning ritual Mar 01, 2023
Kama Hagar
My Holistic Morning Meditation

The only routine in my meditation has been my routine of meditation. I like to switch things up - choose an adventure based on my mood or intention. But lately, I've found myself coming back to the same practice over and over again and it's just felt right. It comes from a practice I learned from my teacher, Ke'oni Hanalei to integrate my internal masculine and feminine, but has been intuitively modified to fit me.

Here's how my holistic morning meditation goes:

1. I wake up when my alarm goes off because I've learned that snoozing literally has no positive effect on our brains and bodies whatsoever.

2. I stay lying down because I can't be bothered in the morning.

3. I start by taking DEEP, full inhales and exhales through my nose while I imagine filling my entire body with air, then exhale it completely. I do about ten conscious rounds of this, really feeling my body breathe and find energy entering my system again.

4. I mindfully and lovingly place my right hand on my heart and take a breath into it, acknowledging my internal masculine: my hero.

5. I mindfully and lovingly place my left hand on my sacral center (just below my navel) and take a breath into it, acknowledging my internal feminine: my leader.

6. I keep my hands in those positions (called Kulike) to acknowledge my holistic self. I breathe here for about ten rounds of DEEP, full breaths.

7. I ask my feminine (sacral center) what wisdom I need for the day and allow her to communicate to me the way she does: through visions and poetry.

8. I thank my holistic self, take a deep breath and open my eyes.

9. I create my day's priorities based on her instructions, combining my feminine and masculine. I move through the day with both on board, holistically.


Because I love you, I added this meditation free.


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