My Luxurious Bath Checklist (+ a meditation!)

bath luxuriate self-care Nov 02, 2022

I had a client ask me how to take a luxurious bath the other day and I laughed out loud.

"No really, I don't know!" She laughed back.

I was taken aback. I realized that a self-care freak (and expert) I had almost thought of things like this as breathing - second nature. I immediately felt rude for even laughing. Plus, who's to say everyone has a bath? Now that I know the people need to know, I've created my luxurious bath checklist to share with you. If you can get your hands on (or body in) a bath, don't skimp. This is for you and you deserve it.


Why baths as self-care?

To me, baths are the perfect opportunity to luxuriate into the stillness of the moment. To breathe. To feel sensorially and emotionally. To dream. To relax.

What are the benefits of baths?

Aside from hygiene, baths are incredibly soothing to the nervous system, rejuvenating to the muscles, and if essential oils and salts are added, detoxifying, calming and a whole slew of other good things depending on the essential oil you're adding. Baths help us relax and relaxing is key to mental, emotional and physical health. If you want to talk spiritual benefits: the element water is believed across indigenous cultures around the world to be deepening, intuition-boosting, clarifying, flow-inducing and healing. 


Clean bath stuff I love:

It's key that all your bath ingredients are clean enough to eat. Seriously. We are soaking in them. No added fragrances, no harsh chemicals, nothing you wouldn't put in your mouth. Here are some bath brands I trust and love:


My personal bath checklist:

  1.  Candle(s) for around the room or tub - you can never have too many
  2.  Dim lights (or just candlelight)
  3.  A drizzle of pure, light oil (organic sesame, grapeseed, or sweet almond are beautiful)
  4.  A 1/2 cup of some delicious, pure bath salts such as epsom or even sea salt (no fragrance unless it's only essential oil)
  5. 1 cup of milk of your choice (coconut is my favorite)
  6.  If more aromatherapy is desired, 10-20 drops essential oil of choice (lavender is lovely for soothing, peppermint is invigorating, orange is energizing, rose is luxurious - up to you!)
  7.  A soft soundscape (whether it's natural sounds, positive affirmations, some spa music on Youtube or your favorite Lo-Fi beats, get into it) 


A Mini Bath Meditation:

  •  take in your beautiful space
  •  3 deep breaths
  •  anchor into all five senses
  •  luxuriate into the present
  •  lean into what feels good (whether it's the smell of the essential oils or the warm water lapping on your skin)
  •  self-check in: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual

LUXURIATE, my friends. That's your one and only job. You deserve it, you need it.



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