3 Ways To Practice Self-Love Daily

happiness opposing truths self-care self-love May 04, 2022

With more emphasis on mental health, there’s naturally more emphasis on self-care rituals and practices that work to serve not only the mind but the body and spirit too so you can find that peace within yourself that will allow to live life fully and to your true potential. 


I'm all for face masks and nights in with the latest Netflix binge, but in this article I wanted to focus on self-care that looks a little different, yet will help you to start loving yourself fully by being true to yourself and giving you the space you need to expand and grow. In true authentic, "no-one-size-fits-all" and "many opposing truths" spirit, you'll notice that this post is full of conflicting wisdom. Find the balance between it all. Blend black with white to find your perfect shade of gray.


So if life has been feeling a bit topsy turvy and you’re looking for ways to incorporate yourself more into your daily routine, then this article is for you.


Fire up that essential oil diffuser or light some incense and dive in to this next read!



How many times have you agreed to something just to make someone else happy even when you really didn’t feel like it? 


There’s nothing wrong with saying no when you genuinely don’t want to do something, you don’t need to make up an excuse if you feel like taking time or space for yourself, in fact, making time for yourself is absolutely a necessity!


So next time you feel the need to dip out of a social gathering, go ahead and explain that you need some time for yourself and if people love you and respect you they will more than understand!


At the other end of the scale, there’s things you may be dying to try, but find yourself saying no over and over again simply because they’re out of your comfort zone. 


“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.” - Albert Einstein


Sometimes you have to be brave for even a moment to really open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences.


So if there’s something you’ve been wanting to do, use this post as the motivation you need to put yourself out there and watch all the beautiful ways your life expands!


When we’re upset, it’s often instinct to keep our problems to ourselves to avoid “over-burdening” others with our issues or maybe you’re just too much of a private person to express your emotions with anyone. 


The problem with this is that your issues then simply build up inside until you reach a breaking point where you may then feel like you’re having a mental breakdown.


Talking about things that are troubling you help to bring things out into the open, allowing you to find greater clarity so you can work through them in a mindful way. 


Find a close friend, family member or book a trial session with a therapist or a coach (heyo, I got you!) if that would feel more comfortable for you. 


Journaling is another great way to release pent up emotions, putting pen to paper can provide a great release and often we need to get our thoughts out of our head and into words or writing to really start to make sense of them. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips as much as we enjoyed putting them together for you. You are so worthy of happiness so make sure you let love in and treat yourself the way you deserve.

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