The Desert

desert healing Mar 16, 2022

I want to thank the desert for holding me.

For taking me in on those reckless Friday afternoons where I didn't know where I'd land, but I had to go.

For keeping me safe as I pressed the pedal to the metal to get back to you.

As "In Time" by PeaceTreaty blared through my blown-out speakers and my clip-in extensions ripped through the wind of my rolled down windows.

I don't know why I kept coming back.

I guess it's because my standard of home was dry and barren too.

But your warmth... Empty, but warm... felt like me.

I know you expected nothing in return, but the tears I cried on the 10 could've turned your dust into a jungle. 

Forgive me for wailing harder than your coyotes on the full moon, but anyone could see the pain in my eyes.

I was looking for myself out there.

Your silence made it so I could hear again.

Your stillness made it so I could listen.

I was running, but you wouldn't let me hide.

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