Wellness Practices to Try in 2021

self-care Feb 23, 2021

The world of wellness is vast, inspiring, and sometimes ridiculous - but to each their own, right? Unusual times bring people to unusual measures, but maybe they don't have to be. Try these tried and true wellness practices to see which one deserves to stay in your personal self-care regimen.



Forest Bathing

Why? This practice has been buzzing around for a couple of years and is actually prescribed by medical professionals all over Japan. Forest bathing doesn’t consist of getting naked (don’t worry), it’s simply about getting out in nature with full presence: feeling your feet on the ground, seeing the sights around you, smelling the air and hearing the sounds. Studies show that spending time in nature in this way decreases feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety. People are locked up inside and are looking to soothe themselves so this really serves as a double whammy.



Immunity Elixirs

Why? There’s a global pandemic and people are looking to boost their health and immune system strength. Whether it’s through juicing, blending, or whipping together things like oregano oil and honey or wheatgrass and elderberry, this seems like an obvious ritual to add to the times.



Ayurvedic Cooking

Why? There’s so much to learn from this ancient Indian healing system. It’s specific to your body and composition and most of the spices and ingredients used in Ayurvedic recipes include immune-system boosting ingredients like ginger, garlic and turmeric.



Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Why? Adaptogens literally help us adapt. With big changes in the world, adding powders and foods that keep our stress levels low and our flexibility high is going to keep us moving. Oh, and this is not to be confused with hallucinogenic mushrooms. Check out emerging companies like Torii Labs and Medicinal Mushroom Co.




Why? This has always been the sector of meditation and yoga that hasn’t quite hit the mainstream. Seemingly reserved for hippies and deep spiritual-seekers, this practice lets us release negative energy, trauma and stuck emotions to make room for positivity and growth. Intense? Yes. Profound? So much. This is the time to invite big emotional shifts.




Why? It may not sound wellness-focused, but strengthening and expanding the mind is a key cornerstone of mental health. Keeping the brain active through learning keeps us hopeful, engaged and happy. Try a MasterClass subscription, enrolling in an interesting course or even checking out some free educational content on YouTube. I feel this will become peoples’ healthy way of moving forward.

Which one will you try this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to refine you self-care and wellness rituals even further? Work with me 1:1.

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