Why Self-Care Goals Matter

self-care Feb 09, 2021

Self-care. Self-care. Self-care. You've heard me and so many others say it a million times, but really, how is your self-care?

Making self-care goals is an important task because you simply cannot pour from an empty cup - in fact, let's change that cliché narrative and just say, "what good is a cup without liquid?" Read on for three reasons why self-care goals are essential.


1. Peace of Mind

How good does it feel to slide into a hot bath after a long day? Or take a satisfying gulp of water? Or stretch your body out on your yoga mat? I know everyone can relate to the feeling of relief self-care can bring. It allows everything to soften and relax. Just knowing you're doing something restorative for yourself allows the noise in your head to quiet down, enabling peace and calm to creep in. This is a state worth fighting for.



2. Stability

Aside from the relief self-care brings, we also must use it to prevent. Ritualizing self-care goals that fill you up before you need them is where the real magic happens. When self-care becomes a habit, we begin to find a deep sense of stability. Since you have taken care of yourself before the point of depletion, you never reach the point of burnout or breakdown. The equanimity brings security and vitality in areas of your life you wouldn't even know were possible.


3. Self-Respect

Self-care is the ultimate form of self-respect. It shows you (from you) that you are worthy of this time and nourishment. This is important because if we can't learn to love and respect ourselves, we can't show anyone else how to either. It starts with you. What feels cherishing to your mind, body, and spirit? Incorporate more of that and watch your relationship with yourself shift.

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