6 Tools to Know Yourself

meditation self-care Jun 23, 2020

In a recent interview I did with Sivana East, I was asked to offer my best tips for someone to find happiness, freedom, and inner peace. I paused. This is what I teach, preach and study, though I live by the phrase: "there is no one-size-fits-all." So how do I answer? What's universal in achieving happiness, freedom and inner peace?

It hit me. "My best advice for feeling happy, free, and at peace is to know yourself. In yoga, this is the practice of Svādhyāya (self-study). Discover what you love, what you feel, what you desire, how you think, and what inspires you. Astrology, meditation, Myers Briggs, travel, Human Design, therapy, Erotic Blueprints, journaling, numerology, psychology, whatever! Explore you so you can choose what’s best for you. Only you know what’s best for you." I answered. I mean it.

One of my favorite songs, "From Time," by Drake and Jhené Aiko includes this little interlude at the end that says, "ya'll need to know yourself." I always hear it in my head when I talk about this. Y'all need to know yourselves.

Here are six of my favorite tools for self-study:



1. Get your birth chart read.

You know this is my jam if you read my blog on What Does A Birth Chart Tell You.

There are twelve other planets that were all in a specific place (sign) in the solar system at the moment you took your first breath (or scream). So let's look into those... otherwise known as the content that makes up your unique birth chart. You can find your own here.


2. Learn your Ayurvedic Dosha.

Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest healing systems. Within this ancient Indian wellness study, there are three possible human compositions known as "Doshas." Knowing your personal Dosha gives you guidelines on how to keep your mind, body and spirit balanced and in optimal health. Find out what your Dosha is and how to find your own definition of wellbeing here.


3. Take the Myers Briggs 16-Personalities quiz.

Myers Briggs is rooted in science and psychology. Since I am obsessed with self-study and deeper human connection, this is the thing I ask for when I've read the room and I know good and well the people won't give a sh*t about their moon sign. You've also probably heard me talk about how I'm an INFJ 500 times. I just feel so rad about being the same personality type as Martin Luther King, Jr., what can I say? Discover your crazy accurate personality type here.


 4. Do your numerology.

Numerology is one of my dad's favorite things and it rubbed off on me even though I'm practically allergic to numbers. Like astrology, there are infinite ways to break down this study and how to apply it, but start with your Life Path Number. Get it here.


 5. Take the Erotic Blueprint test

Okay, this is only important in your sex life, but my god this is important. FamilyDoctor.Org states that the benefits of a healthy sex life include, but aren't limited to: stress relief, stronger intimacy, boosted immunity, lower blood pressure and better sleep. What's the key to a better sex life? Knowing your Erotic Blueprint. If you are a sexually active adult, you MUST know this. Find your unique blueprint here.



6. Learn your Love Language

The Five Love Languages are one of the most important tools to know and share with your romantic partners, close friends and family members. Your love language is how you communicate love to others - and if you ask me, love is the single most important thing on earth. Being able to convey what you need to feel loved by anyone is liberating, validating and empowering. You start to learn the ways you give and the ways others give to you without questioning what it means. Learn your Love Language here.

Important note: I don't live or die by any of these, but I do love them. I love exploring the makings of me and taking what sticks like a good lesson and dropping what doesn't resonate. I love discovering language for relation and description, but I don't feel tied to any of the definitions I receive in these quizzes and studies. I am me and I am ever-evolving. I can choose to let it serve and teach, but I can also decide who I really am. Stay grounded, stay open, stay woke.

Enjoy and keep discovering you.

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