How Creativity Frees You (+ 2 practices!)

creativity freedom mindset Oct 05, 2022

It was the day after my break up and I was on my hands and knees howling into the carpet when my friend gently interrupted me to let me know there was a giant spider crawling up my back.

Through bleary eyes, I held my already panicky breath and felt her firmly place a cup on my spine and scoop the black eight-legged creature up and off into the garden outside.

Why is this happening for me? I asked from my absolute lowest place.

"I feel like that's some kind of omen," My friend who also happens to be a relationship coach with a specialty in breakups said. "Let's look it up."

She proceeded to google "spider symbolism" and immediately, the word that jumped out was: "creativity."

"Creativity!?" I practically screamed. "That literally means nothing to me right now."

"I think it means everything." She said as she eloquently explained why. I was too blind to see and too deaf to hear. She was patient though.

"What does your Venus in Taurus want?" She finally asked.

"I don't know." I rolled my eyes and pulled the blanket I was dragging around the house up to my nose. I was too tired and depleted to break my life down astrologically with her like we usually do. Her question in normal speak translates to: what does your heart want?

"I'm gonna keep asking you until you get in touch with it." She shrugged.

"Suit yourself."

Over the next few hours she'd ask again. And again. And again.

"It wants to go out and wingman for each other!" I spat out.

"No it doesn't! That's all your Aries!" She laughed. "What does your Venus in Taurus want?" She asked gently.

It took a few more times, but finally a strange vision came through. I couldn't get the words out.

"What? Don't worry what it sounds like, just say whatever is coming through." She intuited the push I needed.

"I want this time to be caring, loving and supportive. I just envisioned us having a 'celebration of life' of some kind. A closing ceremony. A tribute to all that this was with our closest friends." I said with wonderment about my own words. I'd never heard anything like it, but it's what my heart wanted. And why not?

My friend's eyes lit up. "Supporting. Loving. Caring. Creative." She smiled.

As the weeks passed, it became more and more apparent to me that creativity was the golden key in my hand to help me through this challenging time.

Creation, in fact, is the opposite of death. Creation brings flow. Life. Unstuckness.

Creativity is the neon splatter paint on the dark, black walls of the room and the heart-shaped cut out in the ceiling. Creativity is the music in the air, the cookies in the oven, the flower in the vase and the alignment with your true desires reflected in the schedule. Creativity is anything and everything. It's doing something differently and more aligned-ly.

Creativity is deciding: This is how wanna do this. This is what need. Who says there's one way?

Here's a creativity-igniting journaling practice I invite you to try:

  •  What areas could use some creativity in my life? (4 mins)
    •  Social, occupational, financial, environmental, physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional?
  •  What creative ideas do I have for each? (5 mins) - Don't stop yourself! Let it flow!

Here's a mini meditation to try on it too:

  •  3 deep breaths
  •  Mindful breathing
  •  Reflect on a time you were creative
  •  Mantra: I am creative
  •  Envision creative approach + outcome

Creativity is much more than pottery and paintings. Creativity is a mindset and it will free you.

Need help with this? Let's dive in together.

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