Tips on coping during COVID-19 from a Generation Z-Millennial Cusp

meditation mental health my experience Jan 12, 2021

There seems to be a perpetual argument about who has it worse during the time of this pandemic, but the true answer is, it’s a different kind of challenge for all of us.

A a Gen Z-Millennial cusp, I am here to give you or your young friend firsthand advice and research on how to deal during this time. Many Gen Z and millennials are dealing with the growth of their careers, the commitments of their personal relationships, and the evolvement of themselves, personally. This time of early adulthood is becoming more and more solitary vs. collaborative and extro-stimulated.

With colder weather and the blessing of outdoor seating for a moment of sanity days over, the corona blues could be making a comeback. In dealing with this adjustment and fears of the future, Gen Z and millennials can find peace through a balance of self-care and creative social activities.



1. Meditate.

Yes, experts say it all the time and I’m sure you’re getting sick of reading it. But have you actually started a consistent practice? I recommend five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening. That’s it. Aside from the proven effects it has on lowering levels of anxiety, depression and boosting immunity, meditation has a very relevant lesson to offer during this time: surrender and acceptance. Meditation is a practice in both of these principles and both are vital to making it through this time with as much grace and ease as possible.



2. Join a meet up and actually commit to it. Friends and family are massively important, as is meeting new people. Whether we consider ourselves introverts or extroverts, humans are a social species and staying stimulated in this way is healthy. Not to mention, in the polarized time we’re living in, it might be valuable to hear some different perspectives outside of our own bubbles. Though we’re no longer attending events, or even striking up conversations at our local coffee shops much anymore, we can still fulfill this need. Join a digital or social-distance meet up. The topic of the group can be absolutely anything you’re interested in. Just show up with an open-mind and no expectations. This always leads to surprise: new learnings, new energy, new friends, etc. Do it twice per month.



3. Work on something exciting. Darker days and more time in quarantine calls for consciously creating excitement in your life to avoid the mundane and dreary. Whether it’s a creative art project, a personal collection, a side-hustle, or a build to your career, make sure it’s something that ignites a spark in you. Maybe that sentence alone got you thinking. Keep going. Brainstorm some ideas and start chipping away a little every day. Even if it goes nowhere, this is about the joy. Don’t let anything get in the way of that.

if you need additional support during this time, please don’t hesitate reach out for a 1:1 session to deepen your practices and mindset for wellbeing.

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